Multiple Quantity Discounts

We offer multiple quantity discounts on most of the products we sell, so the more you buy, the more you save.   Discounts are only available on a per product basis, so you would need to order multiple items of the same product line, to get a multiple quantity discount.    The discounts are automatically added, so you can be guaranteed of paying the best price per product for the quantity you have chosen.  The Quantity and price bands are shown on the main product detail page.  Simply click on the Title or image of any product on the website, to be taken to this main product detail page.   Under the Unit Price you will see further pricing bands decreasing in price as the quantity of items increases.   Please note, the price stated is per item.     For example if a price of a product shows up as £6.99, if you click on the image, it may show you:

2 or more £5.99

5 or more £4.99

10 or more £3.99

This is the price you will pay for each plant, less any further discount codes you may be able to apply at the time of checkout.  And don't forget its Free Delivery on all orders over £30.